Scientific evidence increasingly indicates a relationship between a range of environmental factors and a wide array of chronic diseases and conditions.

The Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE) is an international partnership of individuals and organizations committed to addressing environmental impacts on human health across the lifespan. For more information, visit the CHE national website.

CHE-Alaska is a working group of CHE that was established by ACAT to advance knowledge and effective action to address growing concerns about the links between human health and environmental factors. CHE-Alaska sponsors monthly statewide teleconference seminars and other public events featuring Alaskans and nationally-renowned scientists, health care professionals, and policy experts who are working on a range of environmental health concerns.

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2009 CHE-Alaska Podcasts:

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12/15/2009     Hazardous Chemicals in Health Care: A Snapshot of Chemicals in Doctors and Nurses, Health Implications, and Solutions

  • Speakers:
    • Kristen Welker-Hood, ScD, MSN, RN, (Director of Environment and Health Program at Physicians for Social Responsibility)
    • Roxanne Chan, RN, L.Ac and participant in biomonitoring study from Alaska
    • Bobbi Chase Wilding (Organizing Director at Clean New York, a Project of Women’s Voices for the Earth)
  • Recording

9/30/2009     Creating Healthy Schools in Alaska: What You Need to Know to Protect Children from Toxic Exposures

  • Speakers:
    •  Claire L. Barnett, MBA (Founder and Executive Director of the Healthy Schools Network, Inc.)
    • Stephen Lester, MS (Science Director for the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ))
    • Michael Schade (PVC Campaign Coordinator for the CHEJ)
  • Recording

8/26/2009     What’s On Your Food? Pesticide Residues – Science, Health Effects, and Public Policy

  • Speakers:
    • Jay Feldman, MS (Co-founder, Beyond Pesticides)
    • Jenn Sass, PhD (Senior Scientist in the Health and Environmental Program, Natural Resources Defense Council)
    • Karl Tupper, MS (Staff Scientist, Pesticide Action Network of North America)
  • Recording

6/29/2009     International Actions to Protect the Health of Arctic Indigenous Peoples: Report on Policy and Science from the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutant

  • Speakers:
    • Andrea Carmen (Executive Director, International Indian Treaty Council)
    • Celeste McKay, JD (Native Women’s Association of Canada)
    • Daryl Ditz, PhD (Senior Policy Advisor, Center for International Law)
    • Simon Wilson, PhD (Scientist, Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, Norway)
  • Recording

6/24/2009     Birth Defects and Environmental Contamination: Current Science, Research Methods, and Implications for Alaska

  •  Speakers:
    • Ted Schettler, MD, MPH (Science Director, Science and Environmental Health Network)
    • Betty Mekdeci (Executive Director, Birth Defects Research for Children)
  • Recording

4/14/2009     From Silent Spring to Silent Night: How Chemicals Affect Reproductive Health

  • Speaker Tyrone Hayes, PhD (Professor of Integrative Biology, University of California at Berkeley). In addition to this statewide teleconference seminar, we co-sponsored two public lectures with Dr. Hayes at the University of Alaska, each with 100 participants. In his keynote lecture for the Undergraduate Research and Discovery Symposium, Dr. Hayes shared his research on the effects of endocrine disrupting pesticides on amphibian growth, development, reproduction and immune function and how these studies predict effects in other wildlife and in humans.
  • Recording

2/24/2009     Gold Mining and Mercury in Alaska: A Potential Threat to Fisheries and Public Health

  • Speakers:
    • Glenn Miller, PhD (University of Nevada)
    • Kendra Zamzow, PhD (Center for Science in Public Participation)
    • Bonnie Gestring (Earthworks)
  • Recording

1/28/2009     Creating Laws to Protect Public Health: Working Toward a Toxic-Free Future

  • Speakers:
    • Gretchen Lee (Policy Manager with the Breast Cancer Fund)
    • Matt Prindiville (Policy Advocate with Natural Resources Council of Maine)
  • Recording