St. Lawrence Island is facing a traditional food crisis & economic disaster

UPDATE: The city of Savoonga states the average monthly household utility costs range from $1685-$2165!$650-780, gas $600-900, stove heating oil $350-400, electricity $85, water & sewer = $1685-2165 a month just in utilities! No State Aid In Sight For St. Lawrence Island Communities After Disaster Declaration, By Laureli Kinneen, KNOM - Nome | September 17, 2013 - 5:40 pm

International Mercury Convention – Lessons from Minamata

Environmental Health and the Minamata Convention on Mercury October 15, 2013, By Maricarmen Cruz-Guilloty, Environmental Health and Justice Coordinator, Alaska Community Action on Toxics, on her recent experience working on the new international mercury convention. Original blog posted on Vermont Law School's blog: Environmental Health - Putting together the law, policy, and science of pollution and human health.

Pentachlorophenol is one of the world’s worst chemicals

IPEN POPRC 18 Oct 2013 Final News Release For Immediate Release: 18 October 2013 For More Information: Mariann Lloyd-Smith, +614-136-21557, email: [email protected] | Twitter @toxicsfree UN Expert Committee: Pentachlorophenol is one of the world’s worst chemicals Agrees to incorporate climate change impacts in toxic chemical evaluation (Rome, Italy) A UN expert committee recommended global action on pentachlorophenol –