Podcast available: PFAS Contaminated Drinking Water in the U.S: A Look at the Extent of Contamination, the Failure of the EPA, and the Success of Community Action

CHE-Alaska Teleconference, Recorded, August 1, 2018 Listen to the podcast David Andrews presentation slides (PDF) Shaina Kasper presentation slides (PDF) About the call: A new Environmental Working Group (EWG) analysis shows that more than 1,500 drinking water systems across the country are likely contaminated with the nonstick chemicals PFOA, PFOS, and similar fluorine-based chemicals. According

Alaska Fire Chiefs Association Opposed to Ineffective, Toxic Flame Retardants

Firefighters join movement to ban organohalogen flame retardants from household goods to protect health of firefighters and children ACAT is working hard to make Alaska safer by eliminating organohalogen flame retardants from kids' toys, furniture, upholstery and more. For one thing, they provide no fire safety benefit so there's no reason for them to be