CHE-Alaska Teleconference recorded January 31, 2018

9:00 AM Alaska Time (10:00 am Pacific; Noon Central; 1:00 pm Eastern)

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Sarah B. Petras Presentation Slides (PDF)

About the call:

Children in Alaska and the Circumpolar North experience disproportionate exposures to toxic chemicals that may have long-term negative health consequences, such as neuro-developmental effects, cancer, birth defects, metabolic disorders, and compromised immune systems. Hear a summary of the scientific evidence linking environmental exposures and adverse health outcomes for children in the Arctic. Find out how Alaskans are working together to address these concerns and how you can take action to protect children at the top of the world, including helping us to pass the Toxic-Free Children Act, state legislation that would ban ten of the most harmful chemical flame retardants from consumer products.



Sarah B. Petras, MPH, author of ACAT’s new report State of the Science: Children’s Environmental Health in Alaska and the Circumpolar North (PDF)

Pam Miller, Executive Director, Alaska Community Action on Toxics (ACAT)

Samarys Seguinot-Medina, DrPHc, MSEM, Environmental Health Program Director, ACAT