2013 Highlights

Thanks to you we’ve had a wonderful year fighting for safer chemicals! With your support we were able to:

  • Bring your voice to the conversation about reforming our toxic chemical laws
  • Take Action for MEANINGFUL and REAL reform of our toxic chemical laws at the state, national, and federal level
  • Educate citizens about ways to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals

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Here some of the highlights:

  • We collected more than 300 petition cards in support of strengthening the new federal chemical reform bill, the Chemical Safety Improvement Act (CSIA-S. 1009)
  • Got Resolutions from the Tribal Villages of Gambell and Savoonga (Saint Lawrence Island), the Alaska Federation of Natives (Resolution 13-23) and the Alaska Nurses Association (Resolution 2013-07) in support of strengthening the CSIA
  • Participate in the national Stroller Brigade for Safer Chemicals where we hand-delivered your petitions and the resolutions to our Senators Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski
  • Be part of the fight to change the California regulation TB 117, which has allowed the use toxic flame retardants in all of our furniture and electronics
  • Got Senator Olson to CHAMPION state legislation for safer chemicals laws by committing to introducing a bill that would phase out the use of certain flame retardants in children’s products. The Alaska Professional Fire Fighters Association will be supporting this bill!
  • Co-released two independent reports about the use of toxic flame retardants in children’s products (Nap Mats Report and Children’s Furniture Report)
  • Support of the new international Mercury Treaty, the Minamata Convention on Mercury
  • Stockholm Convention (Pam)
  • Host Healthy Home/Detox Your Home Workshops: Although our last workshop of the year on December 5 is full, stay tuned for next year’s workshops! If you want to host a workshop at your home, please email [email protected] with the email subject “I Want to Detox my Home”

We could not have done any of this without your support!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!
Best wishes,

Pam, Vi, Maricarmen, Heather


Day of Action for to Make CALLS for Safer Chemicals: We need to keep the pressure up! On December 9, people from all over the United States will CALL their senators to support strengthening the Chemical Safety Improvement Act to protect vulnerable populations, including children, pregnant women, fire fighters, and heavily impacted communities, such as people living in the Arctic.

Support Olson’s flame retardant bill during next legislative session.
We will need your support more than ever to get this bill passed! Join parents, fire fighters, health professionals, and heavily impacted communities get rid of toxic flame retardants from our homes! If you want to be actively involved in our state bill please send email to [email protected] with the following subject “I Want Children Without Flame Retardants”

Don’t miss HBO documentary “Toxic Hot Seat”! “Please watch this documentary, become educated on cancer prevention and take action by demanding legislation that protects our health and reduces cancer risk.” – The Houston Chronicle

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