2018 Anchorage Municipal Elections

Voting by mail is easy . . . and it’s important! Here’s all you need to know . . . .

We at Alaska Community Action on Toxics want to help ensure voters are well informed about the new Vote-By-Mail system for the local Anchorage city elections. For the first time ever, the official ballots for the city election are being mailed directly to you at the same address where you are registered. Your regular polling place will no longer be open for voting; Municipal Anchorage Elections are being conducted by mail only.

The official ballots were mailed March 13. Anchorage residents who are registered to vote should receive their ballots between March 13 and March 23. The ballots are in a white and yellow envelope with the words “OFFICIAL BALLOT ENCLOSED” on it. You can submit your ballot by either mailing it or dropping it off at select locations around the city.
Ballots must be postmarked or dropped off by April 3.

If you plan to mail your ballot, be sure to have a stamp, as the return envelopes are not prepaid. Alternatively, there are Accessible Vote Centers and drop off boxes at locations around Anchorage where you can drop your completed ballot off for free.

If you did not receive your ballot in the mail, you are still eligible to vote. From March 26 to April 3, you can go to an Accessible Vote Center to get a ballot. There will be extra ballots available at these locations. You can either take this ballot home and mail it in yourself, or you can drop it off at an Accessible Vote Center or Dropbox Return location. Make sure your ballot is postmarked or dropped off by April 3.

You can call 243-VOTE to contact the municipal election office if have any questions about the new vote by mail system.

To find more information about the candidates and propositions on the ballot, please visit the Municipality of Anchorage website: www.muni.org. That website also has a list of Accessible Vote Centers and Dropbox Return locations.

There are some important differences between Accessible Vote Centers and Dropbox Return locations. At Accessible Vote Centers, voters will be able to receive assistance from a person, pick up a ballot if they did not receive one in the mail, or drop off a completed ballot. Accessible Vote Centers will be open from March 26 to April 3. At Dropbox Return locations, voters will ONLY be able to drop off their ballots. Spare ballots cannot be picked up from these locations and there is no staff to assist voters. These boxes are already open and will remain open until April 3.

Accessible Vote Centers
● Loussac Library
● 3600 Denali Street, First Floor
● Anchorage City Hall
● 632 West 6th Avenue, Room #155
● Eagle River Town Center
● Community Room #170
● 12001 Business Boulevard
● MOA Election Center
● 619 East Ship Creek Avenue, Suite 100
● Door D on the east side of the building
● O’Malley’s on the Green
● 3651 O’Malley Road

Dropbox Return Locations
● Loussac Library
● Anchorage School District Education Center
● Bartlett High School
● Clark Middle School
● Dimond High School
● Fairview Community Recreation Center
● Service High School
● South Anchorage High School
● Spenard Community Recreation Center
● UAA Alaska Airlines Center
● Eagle River Town Center
● Girdwood Community Center

Questions? Contact us any time.