ACAT’s Pam Miller Elected Co-Chair of IPEN!

Congratulations to ACAT’s Executive Director Pam Miller on her election to co-chair of the International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN). This global network of 700 nonprofit organizations in 116 countries shares a commitment to achieving a toxic-free future where chemical production, use, and disposal does not harm people or the environment.

Manny Calonzo and Pamela Miller, April 2016

Pam said, “I am truly honored to be given this opportunity to serve IPEN in a new role. I’ve been greatly inspired by the collective work of IPEN and am dedicated to working together with IPEN’s amazing network of grassroots organizations for the health and dignity of all beings of this planet.”

Pam and ACAT have worked with IPEN since 1998 to negotiate and implement the Stockholm Convention (Treaty) on Persistent Organic Pollutants. The treaty’s purpose is elimination of the world’s worst chemicals, which migrate to Arctic regions and create disproportionate health harm to the people and wildlife living there.

Dr. Olga Speranskaya of Eco-Accord Program on Chemical Safety (Russia) serves as the other co-chair.

To learn more about IPEN, click here.

Photo: Pam with outgoing co-chair, Manny Calonzo of EcoWaste Coalition (Philippines).

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