ACAT joins Coming Clean and EJHA’s Joint Statement on Racist Violence in Charlottesville

ACAT joins the Coming Clean Environmental Health Network in Standing Against Racist Violence in America and Condemns the Recent Hateful Attacks in Charlottesville

“These recent events in Charlottesville, and their aftermath, remind us yet again that the cause of justice, with people historically and currently discriminated against in this country, is a righteous path for all to travel together. Now is the moment—and going forward is the way—for good people of all backgrounds to stand together to call out that which is abhorrent and unacceptable: the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, White Separatists, White Nationalists, antisemitism, and any supremacist ideology which has entangled itself in the fabric of our national identity.”

Together, we are stronger.

To see the whole statement, go here.

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