EPA Sued for Third Time for Failing to Address Fairbanks’ Dirty Air

Fairbanks residents file lawsuit to enforce government’s duty to address the worst spikes of fine particulate matter in the country, after EPA misses another deadline

Today, Fairbanks residents teamed up with Citizens for Clean Air, Alaska Community Action on Toxics, and Sierra Club to get EPA back on track after it missed the third deadline in three years for addressing Fairbanks’ air pollution problem. Fairbanks air quality is some of the worst in the U.S. when it comes to the fine particulates known as PM-2.5. Fine particulates cause a wide variety of serious health problems and are particularly dangerous for children.

Says Fairbanks pulmonologist Dr. Owen Hanley:  “There are few areas in medicine where the cause of illness is so well established, and its prevention so effective, as in the case of air pollution.  It is inexcusable that the vulnerable must repeatedly petition their government for safe air.  Without immediate action by the responsible State and Federal agencies, the people of Fairbanks will continue to have winters of hazardous air pollution.”

Find the entire News Release here.

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