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The House Labor & Commerce Committee needs to hear from constituents like you to ensure SB 27 is scheduled a hearing. Alaska Community Action on Toxics has been working on the National Safer Chemicals Act for the past several years. Locally, we have focused our efforts on Alaskan Senate Bill 27 to ban toxic flame retardants PBDEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers). SB 27 just passed out of the Sentate and the next stop is the House Labor & Commerce Committee. SB 27 needs a hearing by the end of next week, or we may lose years of hard work on this bill.

You may have seen our action alerts focusing on HB 63, but now that SB 27 passed out of the Senate, it supersedes HB 63. So, please take action again – this time asking for representatives to hold a hearing on SB 27 so that they can learn more about this important bill.

Your support of this bill can make all the difference!

Senate Bill 27 will protect the health of Alaskans by phasing out the import of products containing toxic flame retardant chemicals known as PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers).

Why should Alaskans be concerned about these toxic chemicals?

PBDEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) are widely used in a variety of consumer products. PBDEs are found in electronics, such as TVs, and used in some furniture foams, fabrics, and kitchen appliances.

PBDEs are persistent bioaccumulative toxics that are having a profound effect on the environment and human health, particularly in Alaska and the Arctic. They accumulate and are long lasting.

PBDEs interfere with thyroid function, cause problems with brain development, and disrupt learning, memory and behavior. They are largely unregulated in the U.S., thus increasing exponentially in the environment, wildlife, and people through widespread releases and exposures in the home, workplace, and foods. Babies are exposed in their mother’s womb and through breast milk.

Women from the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta of Alaska have the highest level of any population in the Arctic.

The Solution?

SB 27 will phase out the use, sale and manufacture of products containing PBDEs by 2013. This legislation will also allow the Department of Environmental Conservation to work with other state agencies to share information to identify and promote safer chemicals and products.

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Contact House Labor & Commerce Committee:

We need your voice to pass this bill!

The House Labor & Commerce Committee (HLCC) Chair and Co-Chair need to hear from Alaskans who support preventing toxic exposures!

Ask them to support Senate Bill 27 to ban toxic flame retardants being imported into Alaska.

House District Area House Representative (Party) Email Phone
33 Soldotna Kurt Olson (R) Chair 800-463-2693
28 Anchorage Craig W. Johnson (R) Co-Chair 866-465-4993
34 Kenai Mike Chenault (R) 800-469-3779
18 Eagle River Dan Saddler (R) 877-460-3783
10 Fairbanks Steve M. Thompson(R) 877-465-3004
26 Anchorage Lindsey S. Holmes (D) * 888-465-4919
07 Fairbanks Bob Miller (D) 866-465-4976
* Sponsor
Staff Konrad Jackson, Committee Aide 907-465-4954


Current Actions: Senate Bill 27 Please contact your representatives to let them know that you support HB 63, a bill that would protect the health of Alaskans without compromising fire safety.

We need every legislator to know they have constituents who support SB 27!

Speak Up! Contact your Alaska State Representatives

Ask them to support Senate Bill 27 to ban toxic flame retardants being imported into Alaska. Send a short 50 word Public Opinion Message or contact them by email or phone.

House District Area House Representative (Party) Email Phone
01 Ketchikan Kyle Johansen (R) 800-303-2455
02 Wrangell Peggy Wilson (R) 800-686-3824
03 Juneau Beth Kerttula (D) 877-465-4766
04 Juneau Cathy Muñoz (R) 800-968-6744 
05 Haines William “Bill” Thomas Jr. (R) 888-461-3732
06 McGrath Alan S. Dick (R) 800-491-4527
07 Fairbanks Bob Miller (D) HLCC 866-465-4976
08 Fairbanks David Guttenberg(D) 800-928-4457
09 Fairbanks Scott Kawasaki (D) 866-465-3466
10 Fairbanks Steve M. Thompson (R) HLCC 877-465-3004
11 North Pole Tammie Wilson (R) 800-860-4797
12 Chickaloon Eric A Feige (R) 888-465-4859
13 Palmer Carl Gatto (R) 800-565-3743
14 Wasilla Wes Keller (R) 800-468-2186
15 Big Lake Mark Neuman (R) 800-505-2678
16 Chugiak Bill Stoltze (R) 866-465-4958
17 Eagle River Anna Fairclough (R) 800-861-5688
18 Eagle River Dan Saddler (R) HLCC 877-460-3783
19 Anchorage Pete Petersen (D) 800-465-4939
20 Anchorage Max Gruenberg (D) 866-465-4940
21 Anchorage Lance Pruitt (R) 888-478-3438
22 Anchorage Sharon Cissna (D) 800-922-3875
23 Anchorage Les Gara (D) 888-465-2647
24 Anchorage Berta Gardner (D) 800-331-4930
25 Anchorage Mike Doogan (D) 800-689-4998
26 Anchorage Lindsey S. Holmes(D) * HLCC 888-465-4919
27 Anchorage Mia Costello (R) 800-773-4968
28 Anchorage Craig W. Johnson (R) HLCC 866-465-4993
29 Anchorage Chris Tuck (D) 866-465-2095
30 Anchorage Charisse E. Millett (R) 888-269-3879
31 Anchorage Bob Lynn (R) 800-870-4931
32 Anchorage Mike Hawker (R) 800-478-4950
33 Soldotna Kurt Olson (R) HLCC 800-463-2693
34 Kenai Mike Chenault (R) HLCC 800-469-3779
35 Homer Paul Seaton (R) 800-665-2689
36 Kodiak Alan Austerman (R) 800-865-2487
37 Dillingham Bryce Edgmon (D) 800-898-4451
38 Bethel Bob Herron (D) 800-323-4942
39 Nome Neal W. Foster (D) 800-478-3789
40 Kotzebue Reggie Joule (D) 800-782-4833
* Sponsor
HLCC House Labor & Commerce Committee Member


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