Studies Show Excessive Cell Phone and Wifi Use Cause Brain Cancer

pfg-study-report-back-savoonga-2014That’s just one of the environmental health hazards discussed on the September 9 edition of Alaska Public Radio’s “Line One – Your Health Connection.” Guest speakers were ACAT Executive Director Pam Miller and Dr. David Carpenter, an environmental health professor at New York University at Albany (and a long-time ACAT research collaborator).

Miller and Carpenter pointed out that Alaskans are more contaminated than people in the Lower 48 because of air pollution traveling north from lower latitudes and dropping out when it hits the Arctic cold – as well as lingering pollution from abandoned military sites and indoor pollution from household products.

Miller says, “A revolution in the science of environmental health over the last several years” shows exposure to extremely low concentrations of toxic chemicals can disrupt the endocrine system and cause multi-generational health problems.

Miller and Carpenter both say U.S. laws haven’t kept up with these scientific breakthroughs and aren’t designed to protect public health from the harm these chemicals cause.

See KNBA’s coverage here.

Listen to the entire “Line One – Your Health Connection” show here.

(Photo shows some members of ACAT’s research team with Savoonga residents in 2014. Dr. Carpenter is in front row on the right; Pam Miller is in second row on the left.)


P.S. You can hear both Miller and Carpenter in person at the Children’s Environmental Health Summit on Oct. 5-6 in Anchorage.

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