Take action! A well-funded EPA means healthy children and strong communities

If you believe Alaska’s children deserve clean drinking water and clean air to breathe . . . now is the time to stand up and take action!

The President has proposed a 31% cut to the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency. If these cuts are approved, no one stands to lose more than Alaskans.

Without your voice, we could lose:

  • Protections for the most vulnerable Alaskans, especially pregnant women, children, and people living in the Arctic.
  • Safe drinking water and sewage treatment in rural Alaska.
  • State grants that fund Alaska’s IGAP Environmental Coordinators.

A well-funded EPA means healthy children and strong communities. Senators Murkowski and Sullivan need to hear from you today!

Together, we can protect our children’s health by making sure EPA has the ability to keep our water, air, and public health safe.

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