Toxic-Free Children Act – How YOU Can Help!

Protecting Alaska’s children from exposure to toxic chemicals – how you can help!

The Toxic Free Children Act (HB 53 / HB 27) is a state bill that would ban ten toxic flame retardants in children’s products and furniture. Chemicals used to make products such as toys and furniture are not regulated or tested for safety. These chemicals harm our health. They have a range of health effects, including learning and developmental disabilities, cancers, and reproductive impairment. Children are especially vulnerable. Firefighters also have higher exposures and suffer health disparities as a result of their exposures.

As Alaskans, there are many specific reasons why this issue is important:
• Due to wind and ocean currents, Alaskans are exposed to higher levels of toxic chemicals.
• Chemicals in household products are linked to cancer, miscarriages, and birth defects.
• Persistent synthetic chemicals contaminate fish, wildlife, and people.

For more information, read:
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Full text of each bill: HB 53 and HB 27
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Our science fact sheet summarizing the scientific evidence

Currently, the bills are awaiting a hearing in two committees. Please email (click here) the house resources committee to ask them to protect the health of our families and schedule a hearing.

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