Tune In to KTOO 360 North to See “What the Pink?! Protecting the Breasts and the Women You Love”

Featuring scientists and policy experts discussing the connection between toxic chemicals and breast cancer

Public television station KTOO 360 North is re-broadcasting ACAT’s breast cancer prevention lecture series from September 2015 with experts from Silent Spring Institute, Breast Cancer Fund, and Breast Cancer Action. The first showing is tonight (Wed. Oct. 12) at 8:00 pm. The full schedule of all nine showings is shown below.

Wed 10/12/16   8:00 pm

Wed 10/12/16   11:00 pm

Thu 10/13/16    2:00 am

Thu 10/13/16     5:00 am

Thu 10/13/16     11:00 am

Thu 10/13/16     4:30 pm

Sun 10/16/16     7:00 pm

Mon 10/17/16   1:00 am

Mon 10/17/16   5:00 am

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