Eliminating Toxic Chemicals from the Child Care Setting (Presentation in Spanish)

January 22, 2020 @ 10:00am (AKST)


We recently recorded a presentation entitled Eliminating Toxic Chemicals from the Child Care Setting in Spanish. The speaker, Samarys Seguinot Medina, Dr.PH. is the Environmental Health Program Director at Alaska Community Action on Toxics. The presentation discusses the growing body of science linking exposure to flame retardants (and other chemicals) in children’s products and child care settings to cancer, asthma and other chronic diseases. On this call, we will share information to educate consumers, specifically child care business owners, parents and general public on how to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals in child care products, look at some of the health effects related to exposure to these chemicals, and the promotion of safer alternatives through research and policy. This presentation will be in Spanish. But its available in English as well.

You can download the presentation slides in Spanish and in English. (links broken)

Listen to the recording in Spanish here.

Additional Resources:

Green Cleaning non-toxic fact sheet recipes in Spanish (link broken) and in English.

Soft Scrub and sugar scrub recipe in Spanish and in English.  (links broken)

ACAT’s Childcare Provider Checklist in Spanish and in English. (links broken)


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