Take Action to Protect Water Quality in Alaska!

Let Governor Dunleavy know that we need drinking water standards to protect Alaskans from PFAS


Decades of use of PFAS-containing firefighting foams has contaminated water in Alaska. To date, more than 100 individual PFAS source areas have been identified at nearly 30 locations across Alaska.The widespread presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment raises significant public health concerns that call for immediate and definitive regulatory action to prevent further exposures.These toxic chemicals have been linked to cancer, harm to the immune system and other health problems.

One of the most important first steps is to stop the sources of pollution. Firefighting foams are a huge source of contamination in Alaska and PFAS-free alternatives that are safe and just as effective are available. We need to ban the use of PFAS in firefighting foam and we need to establish health protective and enforceable drinking water standards to ensure the safety of our water.

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