Rural: Alaska Rural Environmental Justice Program

We work to eliminate environmental contaminants that affect the water, traditional foods, health, and cultures of the Indigenous peoples of Alaska.

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Policy: Environmental Health Policy & Social Change Program

We work to motivate a broad range of public support to implement local, national, and international policies to protect the health of people, wildlife, and the environment from environmental contaminants.

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Education: Environmental Health Education Program

We work to inform physicians, nurses, teachers, environmentalists, and other professionals as well as the general public about the link between pollutants and human health and the environment.

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Outreach: Alaska Youth & Community Outreach Program

We work to inspire youth and the general public to engage in environmental health issues and to eliminate contaminants in their homes and communities.

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Wellness: Wellness & Healing Program

We facilitate physical and emotional healing from the effects of environmental contaminants and the effort required to work toward environmental health and justice.

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Mission Related Businesses & Activities


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Chemical Policy Reform

Community pesticide work

Pesticide Fact Sheets

Alaska State Legislation

Federal Legislation

Toxic Substance Control Act Reform

Chemical Safety Improvement Act

Past work: Safer Chemicals Act

Coalitions & Partnerships

Coming Clean

Safer Chemicals Healthy Families

Toxic Free Fire Safety

International Chemical Policy work

Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants

Coalitions & Partnerships

IPEN – International POPs Prevention Network

PANNA – Pesticide Action Network

International Indian Treaty Council

US Human Rights Network

Mission Based Businesses & Activities

Compost Tea at the Anchorage Farmer’s Market

Organic Gardening

Compost Tea

School & Community Gardens

Organic Methods and Gardening Workshops


How to Detox Your Home Workshops