State of the Science: Childrens Environmental Health Summit

Jun 14, 2016


In 2016, ACAT hosted a Children’s Environmental Health Summit in Anchorage, Alaska. The summit brought together scientists, Alaska Native Tribal and community leaders, health care professionals, policy makers, parents, students, teachers, and children’s advocates to discuss the latest science and develop recommendations to protect the health of children at the top of the world.

Health care professionals, policy makers, parents, students, and community members discussed opportunities for improving the health of current and future generations of Alaskan children and created recommendations for change in the areas of education, policy reform, research and prevention. These findings were published in a 2017 report entitled State of the Science: Children’s Environmental Health in Alaska and the Circumpolar North and presented on a CHE-Alaska webinar.

We recorded all of the presentations at the 2016 summit, and you can watch the recordings on our website here.

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