Community & Individual Requests for Assistance

Community and individual requests for assistance are the heart of ACAT. It is the reason why we were founded in 1997.

We often receive requests for assistance from communities and people on various topics and issues related to environmental health and justice. Workers call about the health effects of occupational exposure to various chemicals, citizens call requesting information on how to stop pesticide spraying in their neighborhood, and communities ask for biomonitoring assistance because of concerns of contamination of water, food and people. Some of our most common requests are things like nontoxic bed bug solutions and where people can find furniture without toxic flame retardants.

Additionally, we provide information and guidance for people requiring help from government agencies and information.

Asking for help is free.

Please use the form on this page if you have a request or a question.

The most common requests are:


Pesticide spraying

Non-toxic cleaning products

Non-toxic baby products

Non-toxic products and furniture (e.g., mattresses)

Occupational exposure to contaminants, radiation and chemicals of concern

Wildlife die-offs (especially fish, birds and marine mammals)


Plastics and chemicals sensitivities

Water quality

Veterans (exposure to radiation, agent orange, other pesticides / herbicides / fungicides)

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