Current environmental and health policies do not protect us from toxic chemicals that have been shown to contribute to adverse health effects such as neurological impairments, endocrine disorders, reproductive problems, birth defects, cancers, learning and developmental disabilities, as well as environmental harm.

The Alaska Healthy Future Alliance is an alliance of individuals, health care professionals, workers, educators, parents, students, and organizations united in working towards preventive action on toxic chemicals.

The goal of the Alaska Healthy Future Alliance is to reduce toxic chemicals in products, workplaces, and communities and replace them with safer alternatives. We work to correct the fundamental flaws in government policies that allow harm to our health and the environment. As an alliance, the Alaska Healthy Future Alliance aims to create proactive, protective policies to prevent harm in Alaska.

Organizational membership and individuals are critical to the strength of the Alaska Healthy Future Alliance. There is no cost to join, and no obligation to devote staff or resources. We invite you to join us in helping our society and economy shift from toxic
chemicals to safer alternatives.

For more information or to join the Alaska Healthy Future Alliance, complete the form below or contact us.

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