Preventive Medicine

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Protecting Our Health in Alaska poster

Understanding the impact of environmental exposures on human health is a growing part of the field of public health. When considering preventable causes of disease, the primary focus is often on behavioral and lifestyle factors such as diet, smoking, alcohol use, exercise, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure. However, environmental factors such as exposures to chemical contaminants at work, home, outside, and even in utero, are now recognized as important, and reducing exposure can prevent human diseases.

Environmental Health Care Toolkit

Alaska Community Action on Toxics developed an Environmental Health Care Toolkit for community health aides in rural Alaska. The toolkit provides facts about contaminants that may be present in the environment as well as how we are exposed, known or suspected symptoms and potential health effects of exposure, and ways to reduce our exposure. The Toolkit includes a Protecting Our Health in Alaska poster which shows sources of contamination and measures to reduce exposure to contaminants.
Please contact us for a copy of the poster.

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