CHE-Alaska Teleconference: Recorded on March 25, 2020

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There is a growing body of evidence supporting the application of mycoremediation in cool climates. Specialists at Sustainable Earth Research, Far North Fungi, and Paxaro Solutions (The Fungi Alliance) have completed pilot studies at petroleum contaminated sites with promising results. These researchers are also investigating in-situ remediation methodologies for environmentally sensitive sites and project cost reduction, as well as addressing contamination from persistent organic pollutants (e.g. DDT, PCB’s, dioxins) and heavy metals.  Listen to the recording of our March 25th call entitled ‘The Role of Mycoremediation in Alaska: Applications and limitations of mushroom-based bioremediation in cool climates’. We heard the latest news on this remediation technique, agency approval, and a discussion of where mycoremediation could be utilized in Alaska.


Birgit Hagedorn, Environmental Geochemist and owner of Sustainable Earth Research

Allison Dunbar and Gabe DeGange, Owners of Far North Fungi

Jacqueline Summers, Business Consultant at Paxaro Solutions and Sustainable Earth Research

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