Water in the U.S: A Look at the Extent of Contamination, the Failure of the EPA, and the Success of Community Action

August 1, 2018 @ 9:00am (AKDT)

A new Environmental Working Group (EWG) analysis shows that more than 1,500 drinking water systems across the country are likely contaminated with the nonstick chemicals PFOA, PFOS, and similar fluorine-based chemicals. According to the report, up to 110 million Americans could have PFAS-contaminated drinking water. PFAS chemicals are a class of toxic chemicals that are linked to cancer, thyroid disease, weakened immunity and other health problems. Join David Andrews of EWG and Shaina Kasper of Toxics Action Center to hear more about the widespread problem of PFAS contamination, the failure of EPA to regulate drinking water contaminants and how states and communities are taking action. We will also give an update on PFAS contaminated drinking water around Fairbanks, Alaska where Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation water samples revealed extensive contamination from firefighting foam.

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