Putting Your Garden to Bed

Once you’ve nibbled the remaining (romaine-ing?) greens from your garden, its time to put it to bed for winter. First, I like to ‘chop and drop’ the stocks and leftover leaves – anything above ground can easily be cut by a machette or snippers/scissors. No need to pull roots. In fact,I think of roots as food for soil life, so leave them in the ground. For a tidier look, move the chopped veggies to your stash of compostables. Next, consider adding some organic fertilizers and mulch to your garden beds. Compost and autumn leaves work quite well, but don’t take my word for it – it’s in the local paper! A little insulation goes a long way to protect and encourage soil life in the garden. If you need materials or have extra, stop by the Midtown Garden Depot (2930 Cheechako Street). The gate is unlocked, and there are piles of compost, leaf mulch, manure, cardboard, pots, tools, etc. Bring your own shovel and containers. All the materials are free – donations to Yarducopia/ACAT are welcome! Call me with questions – 907 717 4392.

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