Yarducopia Garden Bike Tours

What are Yarducopia Bike Tours?

A Ton of Fun! We pick a quiet Sunday to bike around an Anchorage neighborhood visiting gardens, orchards, ducks & chickens, and more. The stops include backyards, churches, schools, non-profits, businesses, and anyone else who has a garden project they would like to share. We'll do our best to create a bike-friendly loop that leaves ample time to chat in the garden.

One of my favorite parts of these tours is the joy garden hosts have in sharing about their space paired with the appreciation and eagerness to learn from the tour participants. There's something for everyone on these tours.

Upcoming Tours

We're looking for folks and neighborhoods interested in hosting! Planning to feature veggie gardens, orchards, compost systems, and backyard chickens! Give Nick a call to see if its a good fit - 717 4392

Garden Bike Tour & Harvest Party on Sunday, August 20 - This is a combo event with the Bike Tour leading into the Harvest Party

  • Bike Tour starts at 11 am at the Spenard Community Garden (1303 West 33rd), visit ~7 gardens, and wrap up 2.5 hours later right behind Boscos.
  • Harvest Party starts at 2 pm in Pam Miller's garden in Airport Heights. I'll be biking up the Chester Creek trail to Pam's House, so tag along or if you're pedaled-out, alternative forms of transport are welcome


Want to host a stop or have a tour in your neighborhood?

Reach out if you think your yard, garden, or neighborhood would be a fun stop for one of these tours. We'll do our best to keep folks up to date on the neighborhoods we're thinking of featuring this year.

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