Community Composting Projects

Chicken Treats - Monday & Thursday Pickups

Would your chickens enjoy the occasional 5 gallon bucket of fresh veggies? On Mondays and Thursdays, vegetables from a nearby commercial kitchen will be available for pickup at 3740 Williams Street (Tudor Area).

Veggies will be in the bed of the Big Blue pickup truck in the driveway. Bring your own container and keep things tidy. Call or text to let me know you're coming (717-4392), and when everyone is done, the rest goes to my chickens and onto the compost pile.

Different ways to compost in Anchorage

Calling all gardeners! Together we're trying to redirect high-quality food waste away from our landfill (where it produces methane, leachate, and costs rate payers $$) and instead turn those organics into compost. There's a variety of ways to participate and get involved. One or more might be right for you!

In your backyard

  • Start a compost pile in your own backyard with your own yard and kitchen waste
  • Our Midtown Garden Depot has leaves and other materials to mix with your grass and kitchen waste
  • We're here to help! Reach out with questions and for help getting started.

With a neighbor

  • Use the website ShareWaste to find neighbors nearby who are interested in taking organics to feed their compost piles, chickens, etc,
  • Advertise to your neighbors that YOU want to be a collection spot and compost for them
  • Share the cost and of a SWS curbside pink cart with a neighbor.

With the community

  • Participate in our community composting program by dropping off organics (take a bucket, leave a bucket) at one of our collection sites where it'll be fed to animals and composted
  • Join our weekly composting workparties, learning and teaching  composting while making compost for the neighborhood.
  • Talk with your local store and restaurant owners about participating. We can help turn their high quality food waste into animal feed and compost for gardens and landscaping. Read about our partnership with Providence Hospital to get a better idea of what that could look like.

Organics Collections Sites

Collection sites this summer Yarducopia will be hosting 'take a bucket, leave a bucket' style collection sites for organics to be fed to chickens and compost piles.

  • Midtown Garden Depot - 2930 Cheechako Street - near the front gate
  • My house - 3740 Williams Street - at the corner of Williams and the alley.

More information will be shared when these spots thaw out this spring.

Want to host a drop-off site? To keep it conveneint, it would be ideal to have drop off sites spread around Anchorage. So we're looking for more spots. Reach out if you're interested

Have a question or need a hand?

Call our 'Compost Hotline' at 907 717 4392 or send an email to [email protected]

Our Cooperative Extension Service has several top-knotch composting publications

Pyramid of priorities when diverting food waste

Food Waste Pyramid

The projects feeding animals and composting food waste described above are only some of the ways to approach reducing food waste. Note the two highest priorities - reducing waste at the farm/garden & feeding people.

Thank you for your generous support!