Midtown Garden Depot & Community Garden

The Midtown Garden Depot and MIdtown Community Garden share a fenced commercial lot at 2930 Cheechako Street, near Arctic and Benson. The Depot is on the north side of the lot (closer to Benson), and the Garden is on the south side (further from Benson).

The Garden is a mix of fiberglass and mounded raised beds and a small greenhouse. Water is on site, very sunny, and a tad windy some days. Gardeners have first dibs on compost, mulch, etc from the Depot.

The Depot is a space to donate, store, and pickup free gardening supplies. White signs mark the materials being collected and shared with the public.


  • Tuesday 6-7 pm - Composting Workparties
  • Wednesday 6-7 pm - Depot Workparties
  • Sunday 10-1 pm - Midtown Garden Gathering

What's available:

  • Plastic plant pots and trays
  • Bagged leaves (from last fall)
  • Woodchips,
  • Mushroom bricks
  • Cardboard
  • Sand and gravel
  • Aged manure
  • Compost (actively composting - hot pile)
  • Potted perennials (we keep these in the shade at the Spenard Garden)

Dropping off anytime: pots, leaves, tools and equipment (shelf stable stuff). 

Dropping off by appointment: PESTICIDE-FREE horse, goat, and chicken manure,  grass clippings, and vegetable food waste. Our regular composting workshops are a good time to bring these materials and to learn how to compost them. See our Google event calendar for date/time of workshops. 

Hours / Access: Open 7 days a week, 6 am - 10 pm. Gate held closed by a bunjee cord. Leave the gate as you found it. Be respectful to neighbors. 

Bathroom: Public toilet and water fountain at Arctic/Benson Park 

Questions? Contact Nick at 717-4392 or [email protected] for more information about the garden, getting a plot, and using the depot.

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Thank you for your generous support!