Yarducopia’s Past Projects

Some of Yarducopia's Past Projects (Have photos to share?)

example garden 4
kid and radish
Hillcrest CC_protecting trees from voles
Jessicas garden

[Above] Patti, Marshall, and Alyse about to plant their shared Yarducopia vegetable garden in Abbot Loop

Patti and Alyse
SCG original
Yarducopia harvest 8-1-16
squash mustache

[Above] The 'Squash-stache'

example gardens 2
Jessicas garden 2
jessica in garden
baby in garden
father dauther duo
Garden crew 2
kid in garden compost
happy garden couple

[Below, Left] Planting trees and shrubs at Hillcrest Children's Center in Government Hill.

merediths garden
Steller Peace Garden 2

[Above] The Steller Peace Garden

Central lutheran garden

[Above] Building a garden at Central Lutheran Church

Pams Produce
Leslies Pollinator Garden 2

[Above] Starting a perennial pollinator garden along Wildwood Lane with Leslie, neighbors, and ACAT intern Tristan.

old bike tour 3
garden chat
example gardens 3
fall school garden
2016 Rachel Carson flyer ver. 2
sonja garden build 2

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