Harmful Pesticides used at Pt. MacKenzie Prison Farm: ACAT’s comments

ACAT’s Comments

Don’t Spray Harmful Herbicides at the Pt. MacKenzie prison farm!

The Point MacKenzie Correctional Farm has applied to ADEC for a pesticide use permit to apply pesticides to up to 230 acres of State-owned land located at the Point MacKenzie Correctional Farm at 13690 Guernsey Road, Wasilla, AK. Treatment is proposed to occur in from May through September 2012 and in years 2013 through 2016 if warranted, based on the agricultural need.

The proposed products include:

ToxicBravo Weather Stick with EPA registration number 50534-188-100, with active ingredient chlorothalonil;, Also see chlorothalonil in the Pesticide Action Network database; Toxic drift effects of overspray of potato plants (5/18/12 news article about EPA investigation into drift effects of chlorothalonil).

ToxicDupont Curzate 60 DF Fungicide with EPA registration number 352-592, with active ingredient cymoxanil; Euopean Chemcials Agency is considering classifying cymoxanil for reproductive toxicity and specific organ toxicity;  Effects have been seen on male reproductive organs in repeated dose studies providing evidence for adverse effects of cymoxanil on sexual function and fertility. Haematology and thymus atrophy effects observed in 90-day dog studies, along with the effects on the eye, may constitute significant toxic effects of cymoxanil after repeated exposure. (link)

ToxicDupont Matrix Herbicide with EPA registration number 352-556, with active ingredient rimsulfuron; Scientific studies on rimsulfuron.

ToxicMetribuzin 75 DF with EPA registration number 66222-106, with active ingredient metribuzin; Do not let this chemical enter the environment, it is combustible, metribuzin decomposes on burning producing toxic fumes including nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides. A known endocrine disruptor, metribuzin is Included in the class Triazines and triazoles with high exposure concern.

ToxicPerfection Weed and Feed 21-7-14, with EPA registration number 2217-532-2935, with active ingredients 2,4-D, mecoprop-p; and dicamba; 2,4-dichlorophenol may represent a risk of potential endocrine disrupting effects in wildlife but further study may be needed. MCPP toxicity

ToxicPolyram 80 DF, with EPA registration number 7969-105-34704, with active ingredient metiram; listed as a substance with high evidence on endocrine disruptive effects from exposure.

ToxicQuadris Flowable Fungicide, with EPA registration number 100-1098, with active ingredient azoxystrobin;


ToxicRound-up Pro with EPA Registration Number 524-475, with active ingredient glyphosate; Glyphosate has been linked to certain cancers, endocrine, reproductive and developmental health effects in humans.

ToxicReglone Dessicant with EPA registration number 100-1-61, with active ingredient diquat dibromide; very persistent in the environment, deadly and is used for suicide.

ToxicRoyal MH-30 Xtra with EPA registration number 400-452, with active ingredient maleic hydrazide.

ToxicSome of these products require the use of a nonionic surfactant. The Point McKenzie Correctional Farm proposes to use the product LI-700, a surfactant.

Quick Facts:

• Spraying the proposed herbicide mixture threatens salmon streams, drinking water sources, berry-picking areas, farms and the Susitna Flats Game Refuge.

• The proposed herbicide applications threaten human health. Glyphosate has been linked to certain cancers, endocrine, reproductive and developmental health effects in humans.


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