Working together at the community level is one of the most effective ways we can reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals and protect Alaska’s fish and wildlife. Together we are stronger!

ACAT works with communities to conduct scientific research, hold polluters accountable, and win policies to prevent chemical exposures at the local, state, national, and international levels. We also work to support healthy workplaces and to develop and implement least-toxic best practices in schools, hospitals, and other public spaces.

ACAT supports community action to:

  • Prevent industry and the military from conducting polluting activities and hold polluters accountable for responsible, health-protective cleanup of hazardous waste
  • Encourage local governments, state government, and the federal government to adopt protective policies that reduce and eliminate exposures to toxic chemicals and protect public health
  • Work with school boards to pass policies that will protect children and workers from toxic exposures in schools
  • Work with healthcare facilities to reduce the use of harmful chemicals to make clinics and hospitals safer for healthcare workers and patients
  • Conduct health surveys, environmental sampling, biomonitoring studies, and other community-based participatory research to better understand sources of contamination and determine priority actions

How Can ACAT Assist Your Community?

ACAT assists communities that are facing chemical pollution from mining and military activities, landfills, open dumpsites, and other sources. ACAT also offers technical assistance to people who are concerned about harmful chemical exposure in the workplace, schools, hospitals, or other public places.

If you suspect exposure to chemicals from a nearby source is affecting the health of people in your community or harming fish, wildlife, or waterways, we want to hear from you. ACAT may be able to help.

Please contact us to discuss your community’s concerns and how we might help.

Thank you for your generous support!