Science & Action to Protect our Health: the Movement to Achieve Local Ordinances that Prevent the Harmful Use of Pesticides

March 29, 2017 @ 10:00am (AKDT)

On this call, representatives of Beyond Pesticides discuss the latest science concerning environmental health effects of commonly used pesticides, including neonicotinoids, a relatively new class of insecticides that may play a role in recent declines in pollinators and glyphosate, a widely used herbicide and the active ingredient in Roundup. We also hear about successful efforts led my community residents across the country to start local movements to get toxic chemicals out of their towns, cities, counties, and schools and about the proposed Pesticide-Free Anchorage ordinance.

Featured speakers

Ordinance 2017-59 Pesticide-Free Anchorage As Introduced 3-21-17Jay Feldman, co-founder and Executive Director of Beyond Pesticides, a nonprofit organization which works with allies to lead the transition to a world free of toxic pesticides. Under Jay’s leadership, Beyond Pesticides’ has grown to be a significant force in assisting local groups and impacting national pesticide policy. Jay works to track specific chemical effects, regulatory actions, and pesticide law and his work with media has helped to bring broader public understanding of the hazards of pesticides. Read full bio

Drew Toher, Community Resource and Policy Director, Beyond Pesticides. Prior to his current position he served as Beyond Pesticides’  Public Education Associate for four years. Previous to joining the staff of Beyond Pesticides, Drew’s experience included working at a certified organic heirloom tomato farm where he became determined to spread the word about the benefits of organic production and the hazards of pesticide use. Drew is currently pursuing a M.S. in Environmental Management at George Mason University.

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